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Use The Power of Forgiveness For a Big Boost To Your Physical & Mental Health

Forgiveness is a powerful, yet often overlooked aspect of our overall wellbeing, especially as we age.  If we hold onto grudges, we can become so wrapped up in past wrongs that we just can't enjoy the present and feel helpless. The act of genuinely forgiving others has transformative effects on our mental and physical health, particularly for those of us over 50. Find out why and how here...

Discover The Best Vitamins and Supplements For Your Mental Health

Discover the best vitamins and supplements for your mental health. Listen below to the most popular episode of The Mood & Food podcast. The Mood & Food Podcast is proudly sponsored by Igennus Healthcare Nutrition in Cambridge, UK and as a listener, you can get 20% off their entire range of vitamins and supplements. Just use the special code ADDVITALITY (in capitals) at checkout and save 20%  Click Here To Listen


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